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Raku Vases:  Frozen Motion.  Price per piece $250-$550.  Full set available at $1500.

New raku work for summer 2024.  Series of 5 large vases. Deep carbon black and white crackle glaze.  around 15 inches tall.  Hand thrown and fired in Iloinois.  See these and my other work in Des Plaines.  Gallery by appointment.  contact carl at 847-436-0919.

DSC_0534 - Copy.JPG

Moon 1969.  Ceramic and Wood. $3500

Terracotta mosaic.  4 inch x 4 inch tiles fired to from 1800-2200f for a range of earch colours.  Mounted to stained panel. This piece is 4 ft x 4 ft.

See it in person in my Des Plaines studio and gallery.  

Part of work in a series about space and time.  

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